Engineering Solution

Engineering supports are specially needed generally handling Project/Project Cargo. In any case of necessity, our own qualified Engineering Team provides support as well as to create any type of Civil or / & Mechanical structure(s).

In case of Heavy-Lifting cargo movements and other many purposes, our engineering team arranges inspection of goods for proper transportation and calculates proper weight distribution on vehicle or barge. For proper transportation, to check about all safety matters (including proper lashing) is also important. Our engineering team follows these matters & measures. In case of shipment by river / canal, our engineering team checks drafts for smooth movements. In case of necessity, this team arranges smooth movements by properly using a dredging machine / excavator etc.

Our engineering team supports Clients by arranging various types of heavy equipment like cranes etc., as per the demand of any project. This team also provides support to our clients about assembling & dismantling of their machines and equipment.