Domestic Transportation / Customs Clearance

BTEL & Its Associates provide solutions about local & overseas transportation. We have developed an impressive national transportation infrastructure. Our transportation team has extensive experience in domestic transport & shipping services such as over-the-road/inland trucking by truck, lorry, trailer, pick-up van etc. drayage services according to the Client’s specific needs and by river as well (by Barge etc.).

Our focus on door-to-door transportation service allows us to pick up from and deliver on time to both large metropolitan, secondary, and off-the-grid markets. Our efficient transportation system allows our Clients to focus more on their business and what they do best.

We are highly experienced in terms of Custom Clearance. Our team has perfect knowledge about handling tax/duty matters in relevant terms and exemptions matters in this regard. Our professional and experienced team have excellent relationships with all levels at Customs and National Board of Revenue (NBR) and it helps us to handle Import / Exports matters on time for usual commercial items/shipments and Government/Non-Government big projects.